Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Visitors

My friends came to visit last week. It was a GREAT few days. I loved, loved, loved having them here with me. And I was sad to see them go. So basically, they should come back. I know you are reading this girls... come back! And the rest of you should come too. My tiny little apartment was certainly nothing fabulous, but we managed. Wish I would have taken a picture of the sleeping arangements... basically the whole living room was a big bed. I had a full day of clients lined up for Katie to do hair. I think everyone thought she was heaven sent. Nobody can find a stylist to do their hair for near the price that Katie does it for. Plus, she's awesome. So now half my ward has fresh, lovely hair. And I've already got a few added clients for next time :) Thanks again Kate, you are the best. Here are a few pics from the weekend...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Beehive State

We were lucky enough to spend a solid 7 days in the great state of Utah last week. We had so much fun spending time with family and friends. Activities included:
  • Eating at all of Utah's best (Cafe Rio, Hires, J dawgs, Hapa Grill, Barbacoa, Mountain West Burrito, Kneaders)

  • Watching movies... If you haven't seen the movie Warrior, do it. It's awesome
  • Cheering the Coug's on to victory over the Aggie's
  • A trip to Richfield... The Dairy included
  • Lunch with the Girls
  • Being woken up by my Lyla girl while sleeping in the Luekenga's living room
  • Playing with baby Elle... She is getting too big!
  • A little Nordstrom Rack run... Aren't these adorable? Thanks to the world's best mother in law, these are now in my closet :)
  • Enjoying the unusually warm fall weather
  • And most importantly, spending a lot of time with the family and friends that we miss so much
Wish I would have taken more pictures... I really need to be better about that. One day. Thanks everyone for making our trip such a success. I never knew how much I loved Utah until I left. It was good to be back for a bit. Luckily, we were welcomed home by Katie, Kristin, and Court... more on that adventure to come. :)