Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Jobs

We're excited to report that both Jordan and I have new jobs. Yes, we're still employed at our old ones (Sammy's and the MTC), but we've both recently started working two jobs.

Ali: I've been casually searching for a job in the nursing field (hospital, doctor's office, nursing home, rest home, pretty much anything I could get) for hmm about a year now. I finally got a job offer at an assisted living facility in north Orem called Summerfield. Its a really nice facility, and I was very relieved to get an opportunity to get my foot in the door in the Nursing field. My weeks of training went well and I was feeling confident to be working on my own. However, these first few shifts on my own have been.... well, challenging. A CNA is quite possibly the most underpaid/grossest/physically hard/rewarding jobs out there. I mean seriously, I'm certainly not strong enough to heave 400 lb people from the bed, to the wheel chair, to the toilet, back to the wheel chair alllllll day long. Yet, somehow I manage (most of the time). And really, as the oldest of 6 kids, I'm used to changing baby diapers. But changing big people diapers is a WHOLE different story. 9 bucks an hour seems hardly worth it. But then there are those moments, when they so appreciate all the help I give them, and nothing is better than that sincere smile and look that says, "I couldn't do it without you". Those are the moments that make it worth it. And not to mention the many life lessons I've learned in these first few weeks, which include:
1) I dont want to get old. I'd rather die young. Being old is miserable.
2) If i do get old and dont die before I become incontinent and confused, I'm going to remember to be kind, grateful, and laidback. These are desirable characteristics in anyone, especially the elderly in a rest home.
3) Life's too short to not live it to the fullest. Many of the people I take care of feel like they don't know where there lives went. I want to end this life knowing I lived a good, happy life.
Anyway, despite how hard the new job is, I'm grateful for this opportunity. The experience is worth it. Well that's what I tell myself at least, cause heaven knows the pay isn't :)

Jordan: As if my hubby isn't busy enough with school, applying/interviewing at dental schools, volunteering, and work, he decided to get another job as well. Aside from the 20 hours a week he spends enlightening the missionaries at the MTC, he is now employed by Alice Lane (that cute furniture store on the corner of state street and university parkway, next to the In-n-Out). His friend's sister owns the store, and if you haven't been there, its worth the trip. A little pricey for poor college kids like us, but reaaaaaally cute stuff! Anyway, He spends approx. 10 hours a week doing manly things at the store, like moving furniture, hanging heavy things, etc. He enjoys the mental break from school and work at the MTC. I think I can speak for him in saying that, like me, he's grateful for this opportunity at a second job as well.

Life is busy at the Christensen home, but life is good :)