Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick lil' Mesa trip

This last weekend we made a quick weekend trip down to Mesa. Jord had an interview at Midwestern's Dental school down in Glendale so we decided to make a trip out of it. It didn't turn out to be much of a vacation for Jord. He ended up having to be in Cali part of the weekend for a different interview as well, so his vacation time was short lived. I had a nice relaxing weekend however spending time with the fam, and enjoying the 80 degree weather. Unfortunately I only left with 2 pictures of the trip (courtesy of Libby).

Me and Libs took Maddy and Kate mini golfing (i like to call it goofy golfing, but according to the hubs, thats not what its called!) Anyway, Kate, the cutest first grader in town, had perfect attendance last month so she had a free round of mini golf coupon. We took advantage of the free round and had a blast at the good ole Golfland.

Then on Saturday we went to my cousin's baby shower. She's prego with twin girls. Thats 2 babies people! I was seriously overwhelmed by the amount of clothing those babies are going to have to wear in their short infant lives. Here's a quick snap shot of the Kerr girls at the shower.

Other than that, we ate at all the favorite AZ restaurants, attended a MVT football game (don't ask), did a little shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square, watched Toy Story 3, took family pictures for the Christmas card (always a pleasant experience), and just hung out. It was a fun trip. And we even get to go back in a few weeks for Turkey Day.