Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1st

December 1st was a much anticipated day in the Christensen home. It was the first day that Dental schools could send out acceptance letters. Ehhhh nerve racking? Absolutely. However, if he didn't get in on December 1st that didn't necessarily mean he wouldn't get in at all. The schools have all the way into the Spring to fill all the seats for the class of 2011, but Jord reeeeeeally wanted to get in on the first day. Ease the burden a little ya know? Well, luckily for him (and me) he did it!!! He was accepted by TWO schools yesterday. Both UNLV in Las Vegas, and University of Buffalo in Buffalo, NY. Two opposite ends of the country, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Out of the 6 schools he interviewed at, he was accepted to 2, waitlisted at 2 (Louisville and Midwestern in AZ), and then we haven't heard from the other 2 in Southern California. We both sighed a huge breath of relief and are so excited for next year. Lets just say I'm a very proud wifey today. Life is good :)

PS, to top off an already excellent day, Jordan's intramural flag football team won the upper division championship game last night. After a few years of playing together, and most of the teams last year in Provo, it was a great win. So not only was Jordan's future career as a Dentist solidified, but he is now a BYU intramural champ. Woo!