Monday, November 16, 2009

Good News

Well, we received some happy news last week regarding my education... I finally got accepted into the Provo College Nursing program! After many months of stressing over what plan B should be, considering that BYU's Nursing program decided to reject me (their loss right?!), I was very relieved to open that acceptance letter. I start the program in January, and can hardly wait! That means I say so long to BYU, and embrace Provo College for the next 22 months. Things finally fell into place and we're very happy about it! :)


  1. congrats ali!! that is great news!!!

  2. yayyyy! OMG.. so exciting! I can relate to the joy of knowing where you are actually going in school. Congrats! We are very happy for you :)

  3. That is awesome Ali! I am so excited for you! How is married life? are you loving it!? I miss you! it has been forever! hope you guys are doing great! Congrats on the news, getting into nursing! that is great!!