Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Elle's Blessing

A few Sundays ago, we were able to attend our sweet niece Elle's blessing. She is so dang cute. She's seriously the best baby. I've yet to hear her really cry. She occasionally grunts when she's hungry, but that's about it. Given both mine and Jordan's infant behavior, there's no way in heck we'll get a calm child like her. So I guess we'll just have to soak it up being an aunt and uncle! :)
Anyway, her blessing was so sweet. Zach did a great job, and to top off an already wonderful event, President Monson happened to be at the ward that Sunday. He has lived in that ward for years now, and even though he's moved down town, he still owns the home and keeps his records in their ward. He is such a wonderful man. He has a special spirit about him that you can feel when you are in his presence. He is so warm, kind and friendly. We were able to shake his hand and make small talk for a little while. It is one thing to see him on the tv, and an entirely different thing to shake his hand. I felt extremely blessed to be there. My little sister Kate's response when telling her this experience sums up my feelings..."You are sooooo lucky!" :)

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  1. kate was right, you are soo lucky! hope all is well ali! you and your husband are so dang cute :)