Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Break

We had a wonderful Christmas spending time with both of our families. We spent Christmas day in Salt Lake with the Christensen's and had so much fun! Festivities included:

Christmas Eve shopping trip to Fashion Place Mall with the whole clan
Classic Market Street shrimp and crab dinner on Christmas Eve
Raspberry Almond Tort
A relaxing night hanging out with family
Holding precious baby Elle
A fun filled Christmas morning exchanging gifts (we were way too spoiled!)
Lunch with the extended Jorgensen family at Grandma and Grandpas
Christmas night ended with me working at Summerfield
The following day was Sunday and we spent that day up in SLC as well. Jordan's brother and wife live in President Monson's home ward. Every year on the Sunday after Christmas he speaks in that ward. Word gets out so the place is packed with visitors (us included). It was so neat to see the Prophet speak in such a small setting. While it was slightly hard to hear due to the chatty teenage girls sitting behind us, he had a wonderful message to share and it was a neat experience.

On Monday we flew to AZ to spend a week in Mesa. Two of my cousins were married and my brother had a basketball tournament at Mountain View so we had lots of events to attend over the course of the week. Mesa activities included:

Eating at all our favorite restaurants (Tia Rosas, Mattas, Firehouse subs, PF changs, and probably many more that I cant think of right now)
Exchanging gifts with family (we were again spoiled!)
Seeing both Holly Perkinson and Emily Blair married in the Mesa temple
Attending wedding receptions
Cheering the Toros on to 3 out of 4 victories in the basketball tournament
A Last Chance run (7 shirts and a pair of Steve Madden flats for 60 bucks!)
Watching Movies (True Grit was the favorite)
Being an old married couple and spending New Year's Eve with my aunts, uncles, and little cousins (Just as fun as any other New Year's I've had)
And spending quality time with the family

Overall we had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas Break. I wasn't sure I was ready to come back to school and work. I unfortunately didn't take 1 single picture on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but here are a few pics from the break.


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