Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thoughts about San Fran

Thoughts about this crazy city that I now call home:
1. City people like dogs more than children. Everyone has dogs here, and I mean EVERYONE. Its rare to see a child in a store or restaurant, but extremely common to see dogs pretty much everywhere you go. Stores, restaurants, museums, theaters, dressing rooms... I once had a dog stare at me under the door of a dressing room in lululemon. No joke.

2. Speaking of Lululemon, the hubs gave me this adorable jacket for my san francisco living. I'm obsessed. I wear it nearly everyday when I walk to the gym, or just walking around. One thing i've noticed about this city is that TONS of people wear their work out clothes even when they aren't working out. This is great, seeing I will fit right in wearing this beauty :)
3. San Fran is foggy. How come I never knew this? It is strange to watch the fog come in, and I feel bad for all the tourists who come to see the golden gate bridge, but can't see it cause it is too foggy. But let me tell ya, the frequent presence of fog makes the sunny days oh so enjoyable!

4. Parking is tricky here. Because we live on such a commercial/retail street, parking is joke. On Fillmore there is street cleaning 4 times a week AND it is metered parking during business hours, so basically convenient parking is not an option for us. I have already gotten a parking ticket... 55 big ones. Kind of frustrating, especially considering it wasn't my fault. I put 17 minutes worth of change in the meter, was back to my car in 12 minutes and the meter was out and I had a ticket. Lame... You better believe I already sent in my appeal request. Anyway, Luckily, we belong to a wonderful church that lets us park in the building parking lot. Its only about a 10 minute walk up to the church to get the car. I guess people buy parking spots in garages and they go for like $300. That's craziness! Looks like the church parking lot it is. For now at least.

5. Got these beauties from my sweet husband for the 2 year anniversary. I'm in love and I already wear them all the time. That's the other thing about this city, it's pretty much fall weather all year long. Good thing I love my boots. Looks like I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them over the next few years!
6. The people here are warm, kind and welcoming. I have had a wonderful experience with the people I've met so far. I went to the bank the other day and everyone was so so nice. I was actually taken back. And that seems to be the general vibe I get from most people I have come in contact with. Plus, we have a fabulous ward with lots of wonderful young couples like us and I have felt extremely welcomed.

It's only been two weeks and I am loving every second. I unfortunately don't get to see my husband that much, due to a very difficult and busy 1st year of dental school, but I recognize that all that hard work is just a necessary evil. I'm still waiting on the CA board of nursing to give me clearance to take the NCLEX, then the hard core job hunt will begin. And in the mean time I fill my time with a little San Francisco exploring, a little studying, and a lot of down time :)


  1. Sounds like you guys are doing good! I am glad you have a good ward and least to me it's nice to have a nice ward since we live away from all family and friends so they become your family! But excited for you guys and love reading about your new life!!

  2. Love this! Sure do miss you guys!