Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm all grown up

Last weekend I was in charge of putting on an activity after stake temple day. Since when am I even old enough to do such a thing? I have a stake calling as a member of the stake activities committee. Didn't even know such a calling exists. Well, it does. And after everyone else in the committee, including the committee chairs, bailed two days before the event, it was up to me to put on the event. 150 mouths to feed, and 2 days to plan, buy, prepare and serve. So after a little panicking and a frazzled phone call to my mom, I recruited the lovely Jillian Ringer to help me. AND we got lucky and 2 people from the committee were able to show up to help. In a short day and a half we had everything ready to go. Surprisingly, everything went perfectly as planned. We had a great turn out and we had nearly the perfect amount of food. Not bad for my first go around. It was nothing fancy, but I was happy with how it turned out. I can only hope it didn't go too well... don't want to be stuck doing this forever :)

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