Thursday, November 24, 2011


With Thanksgiving just a few hours away, I thought I'd take the time to jot down a few of the things I am grateful for. I'm so grateful for the many blessings I enjoy each day. Here are just a few...

I am grateful for a wonderful family who continually loves and supports me. For parents that have taught me right from wrong and continue to lead by example. For siblings that are some of my best friends. And for the world's best husband who works unbelievably hard in all aspects of his life and manages to make me smile and laugh along the way.

I am grateful for the opportunity to live in the great city of San Francisco. City life has treated us well so far and I feel truly blessed to have this unique experience.

I am grateful for a healthy body that allows me to do pretty much anything I set my mind to. Working in the healthcare field has made me especially grateful for my good health.

I am grateful for loyal friends, both the new and the old. Life is good when I'm surrounded by such supportive and fun loving friends.

I am grateful for this free country I live in. While so many complain about the disappointments of our government, I think we're pretty lucky to live here. We get to have a voice and an opinion and enjoy all the blessings of a free world. Compared to the rest of the world, we're all in the 1%.

I am grateful for the new job opportunity I have been offered. I am officially an employed nurse at a long term care facility. I'm excited about everything I will learn in this position, and feel so so blessed for the opportunity, especially in the horrific new nurse job market here in SF.

Most importantly, I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His church that I am lucky enough to belong to. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have of His atonement. I'm grateful for the comfort and guidance I receive on a daily basis from my Father in Heaven.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I am grateful for these things too.. Even your new job that will sadly make it so you can't hang out with me as much and we may not be able to watch movies too late, and you may not be able to do laundry at my house on Friday mornings, and you might not get sffs, and you might not think I am cool anymore with your work position that is so high up in the management of that assisted living place, and you will forget what the fake life bc you will have a real life with a real job and a real income called a salary. You are just so cool Ali that no wonder you have so much to be thankful for... And where is my picture in the friend category?